Myanmar Eyes 7.5 MN Tourists By 2020; Strand Cruise Myanmar Sets Sail, New Flights Launched

best hotels myanmarMyanmar continues to experience a surge in international tourism, having in 2012 welcomed 1 million visitors for the first time. This was followed by 2 million arrivals hotels in myanmar 2013 and 3 million in 2014.

A master plan being set out by the ministry aims to help attract tourists with six factors: transforming policies and organizations, amending the Tourism Law, preserving natural resources and culture, expanding infrastructure, preserving tourist attractions and developing human resources.

New Luxury Myanmar River Cruise

On the travel and tourism product front, January 2016 saw the much-anticipated launch of the newest luxury Myanmar river cruises, in the form of the Strand Cruise. This magnificent custom-built ship is now sailing a regular schedule of three and four night cruises on the Ayeyarwady River between the fascinating destinations of Bagan and Mandalay.

The Strand Cruise was created to mirror the legendary style, heritage and world-renowned reputation of sister property The Strand Hotel in Yangon, in what is a contemporary river cruise experience offering exceptional standards of comfort and discreet personalised service.

The Strand Cruise ship itself measures 61 metres in length and boasts an impressive list of onboard facilities that includes a swimming pool, spa and wellness area, The Strand Restaurant serving fine international and Asian cuisine, al fresco dining area, wine cellar, lounge and library corner and the gorgeous Upper Deck in which to socialize, sip on a cocktail and admire the exotic myanmar best hotels countryside passing by.

A prominent feature of these new Myanmar luxury cruises is the stunning cabin accommodation that passengers enjoy. There are 27 lavish cabins, in the categories of Deluxe Cabins (10), Strand Cabins (13), State Suites (two) and Strand Suites (two). With an elegant d

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