Myanmar Screening Of Film On Army's Role In Jade Trade Canceled

YANGON (Reuters) - A hotel in Myanmar abruptly canceled a film screening on Wednesday by a non-government body, Global Witness, that is critical of the role of the military in the lucrative jade business and its impact on a difficult peace process.

The cancellation highlights sensitivities over portrayals of the army as Myanmar grapples with the legacy of nearly 50 years of military rule, following a semi-civilian government and 2015 elections that led to the administration of Aung San Suu Kyi.

The event was timed ahead of a peace conference next week of Suu Kyi, the military and ethnic armed groups, some of whom have fought the central government for decades demanding greater autonomy.

The hotel in Yangon, myanmar beaches's largest city, had been due to host the screening with officials of the London-based NGO, but reporters arriving at the event were told hotel officials would not let it go ahead.

"We regret we are unable to show the video as the written permission from the Yangon regional government is required," the Parkroyal Hotel said best beaches in myanmar a statement read out by Paul Donowitz, Global Witness' campaign leader for myanmar beaches.

It was not immediately clear what regulations the hotel was referring to.

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